Compressed air is a common utility found in most industrial facilities.
In fact, it is often referred to as the “fourth utility”, along with electricity, water and gas.

Compressed air is a form of energy that is safe and versatile. In use, the compressed air will expand back to its original volume, producing energy that can be used to run tools and equipment. Manufacturers are able to make high quality machines and tools which are compact in size, easy to use and very economical.


A Compressed Air System can benefit your business, increase productivity and workplace practices.

  • Blow down/inflation
  • Cleaning
  • Spraying
  • Drilling
  • Tightening
  • Sanding/polishing


Compressed air is a clean and safe workplace utility that has thousands of practical applications

  • It Is Clean Energy
  • Safer Than Electricity
  • Great Manoeuvrability
  • Light & Compact Tools


  • Steel industry for multiple uses including shot blasting
  • Packaging industry for printing, forming and multiple uses
  • Food industry for processing and packaging
  • Pharmaceutical industry for processing and packaging
  • Furniture industry for assembly tools and finishing
  • Auto manufacturing for assembly tools and painting
  • Printing industry for multiple uses
  • Garment industry for industrial sewing machines


  • Laboratories for gas chromatography and multiple other uses
  • Transportation equipment including trucks, trains, ships and busses
  • Garages, gas stations and auto body shops
  • Hospitals for facilities controls and oxygen generators
  • Amusement parks for ride controls and braking systems
  • Scuba shops for filling scuba tanks
  • Dentists and dental labs
  • Any building with modern pneumatically controlled HVAC controls
  • Sawing/cutting
  • Fixing

Compressed Air Piping Size Chart

  • Table is based on closed piping system
  • Working pressure at 8 bar and pressure drop is 0.4 bar, flow speed not taken into account